Z5 Catalyst is an early stage venture fund supporting B2B startups in the Pacific North West. We are seasoned entrepreneurs who have founded and successfully sold companies before. We understand what first time and seasoned entrepreneurs go through. Our capital comes with help and our network to help you succeed.

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Z5 Catalyst

Early stage capital for B2B startups in the Pacific North-West

Funding Process
  1. Executive Summary Submission: Entrepreneurs reach out to the fund via our website, by directly connecting with one of the investment members (via email, LinkedIn, events, etc.)
  2. Initial meeting: Initial screening of the companies will be done over Zuput to identify the 4 to 6 companies to invite to the screening committee meetings.
  3. Application Request: At this stage the opportunity is in the “Dealflow” stage. The screening committee will start the process of conducting in depth due diligence on the company to better understand the value proposition, customer traction, founder backgrounds and business model to determine if it is a good fit  for investment by Z5.
  4. Pitch Invitation: Z5 with the help of the Screening Committee will arrive at a decision on whether or not to invest in the company.
  5. Funding Offer: After negotiating with the startup team and the completion of the legal terms and conditions, the signed paperwork will be issued.